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The state of Nigeria at 60 (brief synopsis)

The state of Nigeria at 60 (brief synopsis)

by Shola Ogunniyi

I believe we as a nation we are moving slowly duo slower than our collective exceptions, but nevertheless President Buhari took us out of recession in post 2015 election year, one of the fastest in post (world war 2) in Africa.

That for me is a huge achievement…… Cause in advance country like US it took them 4 years to get out of recession with the best president of D Roosevelt, the only man to spend a third term in office in the history of American. If they can honor him with a third term in office for achieving that feet, then let us appreciate Buhari & Osinbajo for their efforts…..

I mentioned Osinbajo on purpose because he was the head of economic advisory committee, but until recently things have fallen apart, the falcon can not hold the falconer.

Buhari seems to have lost touch with his team and there seems to be incoherent in their policy formulation thus the economy indices are not falling in pleasant places, e.g astronomical hick in dollar exchange rate,(cabals inside CBN) and ultimately failure to change the architectural frame work of all the security agencies, has affected the moral of the entire security personnel which in effect shows in the security situation as it stands today.

The various ministers of Education, Labor and Health say one policy today only for a reversal tomorrow, this does not help in private sector planning and thus it’s affecting the general out look of the economy.

The states have all gone into sleep, while the local government have gone into oblivion. My brother’s/friends let us hope for a better tomorrow, it can still be better with a right leadership, all hope is not lost.

God bless Nigeria, my home, my pride

Published under permission from Mr. Olaiya David, first written in a group we both belong too.

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Codif Automated Wash Hand Basin Made in Nigeria

WHO recommends regular washing of hands, sanitation and disinfection as the best means of containnig the Corona virus.

My team at Hacom Technologies were among the first set to produce a full body automated disinfectant chambers. Consequently, we saw a gap as not everybody can afford it,
so we scale down the product to handle another vital recommendation of WHO which is washing of hand.

We have seen a couple of leg operated designed, but we love to auromated process and came up with a safer and easier to use automated handwash basin,
capable of working with out GRID power for 2 years, just run the in out to you exiting building plumbing.

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Does Disinfectant Chamber Really Work?

A few nights ago, nearing midnight. My Whatsapp goes on

“Still awake?” A rhetorical question, he knows I haven’t slept, as sales focused on Africa Market, at 11:00 in South East Asia, is my regular work hour.

  • “Yes, whats up?”
  • “Can we call?”
  • “Ok, wait a while”

After moving from a laptop to a cellphone

“Pal, you made Disinfectant Chamber for Africa right?
Could you please try offering it to our hospitals? “

WHAT? Are you serious?

Isn’t the big boss and your organization circulating to the public that the Disinfectant Chamber is not recommended, has not been proven effective against viruses, causes skin irritation, and all theories are correct, but has nothing to do with the war against Covid 19, but certainly people stop and leave the ‘last war machine’ they can create, but you yourself don’t provide a solution or a better replacement war machine.

“Come on Pal, I know you can think and compile all logic and have a lot of teachers, seniors, colleagues to test all logic before a decision / initiative is arranged and executed. We all need that again.”

The one who called in the middle of the night was a colleague I had known for a long time. The official at the Ministry of Health of our beloved country. And as we know, the government circulates that the Disinfectant Chamber is dangerous blah blah blah, but there is no substitute solution to the ‘war machine’ created by the community against the enemy of the Covid-19.

And the following three dawn after the midnight call, my schedule was a detailed online discussion with two professors, one a childhood friend who is now a well-known doctor, the other a consultant, and of course the friend of the official above. At the end of the three dawn marathon discussion, the Professors whom I consider my own parents to gave an ‘order’ “write, write and arrange all these logic in an article that is easy for the layman to digest.”

How can you refuse requests from our parents? You just enjoy it.

So let me write an article by parsing the logic after the other and if the logical footing collapses, then the next article / discussion, collapses. But if you understand that basic logic, you must be a gentleman to continue along to the next discussion.

Caveat ‘’Well, sorry, this is writing for those who have logic. If you wrap yourself with political interests, bias, tadpoles, shucks and all other animals. YOU SHOULD NOT CONTINUE TO READ.’’

Hypothesis 1: Many paramedics fell as fighters against Covid 19. I have to start from here first, because this is also the driving force of the phone call from the health official, before midnight. Because for us it is an anomaly that must be explored, how did it happen.

HAZMAT SUIT and / or paramedic clothing that can be up to 5 layers, is designed to be impermeable (Can’t be penetrated). So if the user is exposed to a virus and you compile the logic that there might be clothes that leak.

I mean:

– Polyethylene or plastic as one of the Hazmat materials.

– You must construct the logic that 5 layers of clothing can leak together in the exact same area, from the outside to the user’s skin. Where is that 99.9% impossible!

note: at this point, we take one data: our dear paramedics were exposed not because the clothes leaked! Or quality issue. We have to find another chance, why did it happen.

Polyethylene is the plastic that we use everyday; hmmm the plastic sugar wrap is the easiest. Can you accept it logically, if it’s 5 layers of plastic? sugar envelops you, then FIVE-LEAK in the same area so that objects from outside can come in and touch your skin?

Hypothesis 2: CORONA is a VIRUS

a. VIRUS Corona and many other viruses, is a ‘fat group’

And the best way to get rid of fat is soap. So we are advised to wash our  hands often with soap. Soap will bind the virus (as fat) and take it away with water.

b. The virus needs a host for it to live (not necessarily it can go into the developing phase), but enough in the living phase, NOT dead. It could be in the form of hibernation, fainting or whatever but not in a dead state. The host is the one structure that can supply amino acids to the virus in order to survive.

Hypothesis 3:  THE SCARY thing about Corona Virus is its ability to survive on inanimate objects such as stainless steel, glass, paper, plastic, cloth, wood etc.

Please take a moment to look around, touch your clothes, touch your laptop and mouse, your work desk, your fence, your book. Which objects are free from the options above: a glass, paper, plastic, cloth, metal?

And aren’t hazmat clothes and other paramedic clothes, from headgear to shoes made of plastic? Hmmmmm!

The second day of this discussion, I was surprised when I opened a link he sent. You should open it yourself too;

The main point of the article is; It was found that the footprints of the paramedics who were in charge of the isolation area, FULL OF CORONA VIRUSES.

Let me repeat to be firm; THE SHOES, especially if you thinking of the gloves.

Hypothesis 4: There is no effective medicine, vaccine or procedure or trade language, that has been accredited by WHO, UNICEF, FDA, BPOM etc. in dealing with Covid-19.

If you wish every alternative solution in this war, then you ask / claim, where is the evidence that has been accredited / approved? Looks like you really don’t have strong logic. Because if everything is clear and easy, the world won’t be locked down!

Anyways, click here to see a list of suggestions by Center for Disease Control and Prevention on other sanitizing methods for use until we have a vaccine.

Can the Disinfectant Chamber Offer any relief?

For example, a friend suggests that if a Disinfectant Chamber is available for paramedics right in front of the exit from the isolation room and leading into other health facilities such as. It would be better if the building was separate. Some logic right? In order to contain the Virus!

But, in their daily lives, do they need to go outside the building? Why not just inside, and change all the clothes inside before stepping out?

From the ‘scenarios’ that are very likely to occur on a daily basis, it seems rather impossible in 24 hours a few times or a few times a week, intentionally or unintentionally, paramedics on duty in the Covid 19 area, do not have to leave their room.

Oftentimes they ‘have to’ run out, calling colleagues in the ambulance. Then the activity of opening the door handle, footprints on the floor, rubbing medical clothes on the door and wall is an opportunity to move the virus.

And this is connected to a data from a friend of one of the contributors to this article, a specialist doctor who is currently undergoing his Doctoral program, “Pal, even the paramedics who are many victims of Covid-19 are those who are not officers in this Pandemic”

Our logic flow leads to the scenario above, the floor that has just been passed by the officer’s shoes in the Covid-19 task force, accidentally stepped on by another officer who is not the Covid-19 task force. And I hope the reader can develop enough thoughts that the scenario stepped on above can be, touched the same wall, the same door handles and so on. And at this point, we imagine that the dangers that lurk are paramedics ‘common diseases’, which they do not know whether the patient before them will lead to ordinary illness or Covid-19.

When our paramedics change clothes, at one point, it is still very possible that the shirt must be opened by hand, or touched the floor (I deliberately took the word to touch the floor, rather than the word lying on the floor), and please connect to the journal on SHOES being infected above.

Now at this point the logic and the friend’s request for the official make sense

“Pal, if we try to leave the isolation room, we will enter the Disinfection Chamber and spray our outer clothes first.” The scenario of a virus left on the floor, door handles, hospital walls, will be reduced, DRASTICALLY.”

Some smart countries are already installing disinfectant chambers inlarge scale for it citizens at public places. Click here and also here.

And the demand / needs of Disinfectant Chambers will increase if we consider ‘ordinary’ medical personnel (not those specifically assigned to this war). Because they are more vulnerable, dealing with enemies that are not yet clear.

Should the Government ban the use by the general public?

So let me extend this logic, and please argue if the fundamental compilers of the logic collapse.

1. Disinfectant liquid is dangerous for the skin

From the time I studied at college and took chemistry, I already knew that it was dangerous for my skin for long periods of time.

But come on:

– Is not chemotherapy also harmful to the body? But still used right?

– Does a headache medicine like Paramex really treat headaches? it’s a pain killer!

And the words of the official friend: Pal, we have used full cover from head to ankle. That Disinfectant will hit the outer layer of our clothes, not our skin. But if it is sprayed, it will reduce the possibility of us moving it to the floor, door handles and walls

Sure you got it, then he said ‘’there is an urgent need for it to be used, the benefits far outweigh the risks.””

2. But the Disinfectant is indeed dangerous for the skin

Ah stubborn. It’s dangerous if used for a long time! Who would argue anyway!

That, too, if you have used it for a long time, man! If you survived, don’t be quickly embraced by Covid 19. Please choose, it can linger or not have time to linger because you are already embraced by Covid 19

3. Disinfectant has not been proven to kill viruses, proven to kill bacteria and fungi.

My answer:

a. Disinfectant has not been proven to kill Covid 19. The answer is:

– logic number D above, no one has confirmed it as a Covid-19 drug. Do you want to gamble?

– And while waiting don’t want to use disinfectant? Please, hope you have time to wait and watch the drug being discovered

b. New disinfectants are tested to kill bacteria / fungi, not viruses

Now this is a smart question and indeed one of the topics of discussion for quite a long time during these two dawn. One of our teachers, Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy explained simply.

Fundamental logic at hypothesis 2 and 3. Corona is a virus and the virus needs a host and the host needs must be something that can supply amino acids (basic protein)

But the bacteria and fungi that stick to the inanimate objects (metal, paper, plastic and wood) can provide a supply of amino acids to the Corona virus. And this virus seems to be sufficient with the supply of amino acids that are ‘perfunctory’.

So if you kill the bacteria and fungus in that inanimate object, you cut off the possibility of it being the host for the virus. as the ‘food’ of the virus. And inanimate objects such as wood, metal, paper, plastic etc. cannot provide it.

Strike the Sheppard the sheeps will flee

4. Do we have to use dangerous disinfectants?

There are food grade organic chemicals such as Poly-(D)glucosamine extracted from see creatures, they have been used for long in the treatment of Cholesterol and managing weight loss since they are edible and have the potential of being an Antiviral and antiseptics, please click to learn more.

 Although it’s a bit expensive for disinfectant application, but can be used for premium disinfectant chambers and does not have irritation issues.

However, there is one explanation left in that appeal. It should be explained that what is dangerous (and if used long and often) is a disinfectant liquid on our skin, so for other installations, diluted Sodium Hypochlorite we commonly use for washing is very effective and causes very limited irritation in the long run. Furthermore, paramedics already use full cover from top to bottom, the Disinfectant won’t touch your skin !

Most of us wear long sleeves and are not exposed to iiritation, but the logic of hypothesis 3 and what is frightening about corona is its ability to survive in inanimate objects, yes your bag, your shirt, your shoes. Hmmm when the last time was your bag was washed? Or even your phone disinfected?

Rounding up

So if the basic logic of hypothesis 2 above. Corona Virus is a fat group. And we are recommended to wash hands always. Then it should be enough to spray liquid (mist) soap or low dose disinfectant or organic material that has traces of being disinfectant

Do you like your hand now? considering all the places you have touched!



We need to think about how to isolate the virus too. So every time we move and move around, we clean, not just our hands. Precisely inanimate objects that have the potential to be carriers: bags, pallet in warehousing, clothing, computer keyboards etc.

No need to use high concentration disinfectant fluid, but often.

Please digest all that logic and let’s do it, if you agree.

If you disagree, deny the fundamental logic, Please GIVE alternative solutions in the comment section below.
Article written by our quest writer, adapted and translated from Bahasa Language.

We specialize in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of Low Cost Disinfectant Booth but some call it Automated Disinfectant Chamber while others call it Disinfectant tunnel, kindly visit http://sanitize.com.ng for more information

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Just as it’s commonly practiced in our villages and some cities with water supply problems, people still trek miles to fetch water for cooking and washing from rivers, streams and neighbors with borehole in their premises.

A similar scenario played out in London and many other developed cities we now call saner climes, until the cholera outbreak in 1854. In the middle of a cholera epidemic in London, Dr John Snow an epidemiologists found out more death were recorded with people living around water well hand pump with No. 37 Broad street as a first case study. He made a map of the geo-spatial distribution of cases, and found out that more deaths were concentrated around house closer to source of water . When the pump handles were removed, the cholera epidemic stopped immediately. Dr. Snow was the first to make a verifiable positive correlation between human waste and spread of disease.

Consequently, The parliament passed the Metropolitan Water Act to “make provision for securing the supply to the metropolis of pure and wholesome water”. This means every house must have water in the building and the public pumps were replaced with pipes to every house and this single act changed the face of toilets all over the world starting from London. It’s assumed as the greatest undervalued gift of a lifetime to the human race.

However, every blessing a times comes with a dose of curse, water consumption sky rocketed and people who were previously consumption confined to the amount of water they can fetch now have the luxury of consuming more by just opening a tap. From about 30 gallons per day per person to 100 gallons per day per person. Also rich people previously made more money from sewage as they usually have bigger household and more sewage been generated and evacuated by night soil men for onward sales to fertilizer companies. More water in sewage meant more work too, resulting into more overhead cost and less profit for fertlizer company and less money for the rich then.

Some countries like Japan argued that the toilet and bathroom/washroom were not supposed to be in the same room and we can still see the trends in some old buildings here in Nigeria. Builders, Engineers and Landlords of the late 19th century were as confused about what to do as the GERM THEORY was gaining popularity and acceptance, and some installed wash-hand basins in their rooms just as COVID-19 has forced most of us to wash our hands frequently. But the pain of having to travel some distance out of the rooms to access the toilets made plumbers/engineers to develop the concept of ”WATER CLOSET”.

Another interesting epidemic was the SPANISH FLU in 1918 between January 1918 to December, 1920. Confirmed cases were at about 500 Million and deaths well over 17 million more than the population of present day Netherlands; the second largest food exporter in the world. Just like Covid-19, The Spanish Flu had huge impact on business and many lives were lost. The picture below shows police men on the right using face mask and a bus car, equivalent of present day commuter buses denying entry cause the passengers did not have their mask on.

Although it heralded the usage of nose mask by citizens, it didn’t have much impact on business like the Cholera outbreak the previous century.

We can argue that for every global epidemic (pandemic) the world always come out with better ways of managing what caused the epidemic and greater heath care practice. The 1854 Cholera outbreak resulted into having water run into homes and water closets installed in toilets. However, one thing is certain new types of business will emerge that were not in existent before, many will commence to ensure business continuity plan and better hygiene.

I see disinfectant chambers as important as toilets going forward. Every building most especially commercial ones will have one.

Offices will also have in situ and everyone would be subjected to being sanitized before commencing the days works.

Banks will require their customers to be disinfected before offering them service. Churches and Mosque will spray antiseptics on theirs worshipers before congregating. Schools would go online and lectures would be delivered online in quantum manner, online shopping would increase etc…

On a light note, the population of the world will skyrocket. There were 1.3 Billion in the world in 1960, by 2018 it was over 7 Billion, in the next 2 years, the continued lock down is increasing the sexual activities of humans and even animals during lock down, so expect a geometric increase in world population in the next 3 years as a result of continued copulation.

The list is endless, teacher-student, husband-wife, dating and all other types relationship will also be affected. No business is immune, as this will impact all verticals of our lives.

We specialize in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of Low Cost Disinfectant Booth in Nigeria, but some call it Automated Disinfectant Chamber while others call it Disinfectant tunnel, kindly visit http://haadsglobal.com for more information

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