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The Covid-19 Epidemic is novel and catastrophic in nature, even with the numerous conspiracy theories, one thing is certain as businesses and individuals we need to be more proactive in the way buildings are assessed. Institutions need to design business continuity plans to ensure smooth operations post Covid-19 era and most especially preventive measures around how we grant entrance into public and private buildings.

It’s worthy to note that a number of countries in Asia (South Korea) and Middle East (UAE) suffered limited impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their economy by being proactive as regards the manner in which public facilities are accessed.

This is a novel solution for automating the dispensing of disinfectant as public places like hotels, banks, hospitals, isolation centers, bus stops, hospitals, airports, pharmacy, lounge, and anywhere where more than 10 people gather per time. It can be deployed in 2 weeks and require zero of minimal supervision to work. We are also proposing an Annual maintenance, solar powered power pack and disinfectant subscription so that we can the burden of maintenance of you.

Similarly, here in Nigeria we need to start to take proactive measures post corona and in line with this proposition we we would like to introduce to you our novel Automated Disinfectant Spraying Booth. We donated our first prototype to the Kwara State Government to aid in combating Covid-19 in the state.

Mr. Adedayo Omojare (Our CEO) testing the automated disinfectant booth

Other well spirited organization donated low cost disinfectant wash basins with leg operated hand sanitizes as indicated below.

Leg operated soap dispenser and wash basin


We sourced 70% of our raw material in Nigerian and this gives us a faster turn around and flexibility to fabricate the disinfectant chamber to sooth the need and space availability at each location. We can also adapt to existing bank security booths.

Each application requires 2ml per second. The 10 nozzles can be programmed to spay in 4 different time frames 5,10,15 and 20 seconds. Consequent,  a 5 seconds time frame will consume 10ML of disinfectant therefore a 25 Liters cans would serve 2,500 and 100 Liters will serve 10,000. Our solution is managed by a micro-controller that senses the exact amount of liquid to dispense to prevent waste and ensure effective disinfection of the virus.

Our backend app for managing devices across locations

Backend Server and Administration: http://www.sanitize.com/app

Our solution comes with a backend server to monitor all locations realtime with API for pull and push data communications.

  1. Track number of people using the server
  2. Track disinfectant usage for each refill, auditing and financial reporting
  3. To monitor temperature average of each location and signal alarm for temp above 38 degrees.
Dashboard given bird-eye view of each location

Disinfectant Composition and Effectiveness

  • The United State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the use of Sodium Hypochloride on the 19th of March, 2020 for the treatment of Corona Virus and consequently, we have applied for a NAFDAC approval for our automatic disinfectant shower chambers. Kindly find below the link to the website and our NAFDAC documentation can be provided on request.
  • https://www.epa.gov/pesticide-registration/list-n-disinfectants-use-against-sars-cov-2
  • Sodium Hypochlorite is a compound that can be used effectively as antiviral, antibacterial and large scope of disinfection. It can be used for surface cleaning, water purification, odor removal and for laundry.
  • Citric/Boric Acid

Our Contact less Automated Disinfectant Booth System has a photo-sensor that detects entry, a controller that sends signal to the sprayers with 4 units of 25 Liters disinfectant cans, capable of spraying 2,500 people before each refill. The Unit cost is N1,500,000.00K (One Million Five Hundred Thousand Naira Only) which includes installation and 4 refills.

Prototype of a complete installtion

Our solution (a fine mist system) ensures full body coverage and is programmed to consume just 75 watts of AC current at 220V.

We built the solution to be as independent as possible so it can run on it own power, we can brand to your specifications and also provide after sales support in form of AMC and disinfectant supply.

Solar Powered Backup (1kva Inverter, Charge controller, 100amps battery, 250 Watts panel, wiring)
Flex Advertisement on Booth
Disinfectant Supplies (25 Liters)
Annual Maintenance Contract (excl disinfectant supplies)

We specialize in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of Low Cost Disinfectant Booth but some call it Automated Disinfectant Chamber while others call it Disinfectant tunnel, kindly visit http://sanitize.com.ng for more information

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