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Who won the Covid-19 war?

by Shola Ogunniyi
Who won the Covid-19 war?

The Covid-19 Epidemic is novel and catastrophic in nature. I remember my professor in one of my disaster management class, He defined ‘’ A disaster as an occurrence causing widespread destruction and distress; a catastrophe.’’ He also struggled to make us understand the difference and relationships in concepts like emergency, susceptible and vulnerable.  But we all understood that and agreed that an EPIDEMIC is an outbreak of a contractible disease that spreads through a human population. A pandemic is an epidemic whose spread is global.

What might cause this global disaster? was it human/man made or natural?

Whichever it was, several conspiracy theories are beginning to emerge, most believing it’s foundations are rooted in the battle of economic supremacy between two nations. But am very certain, with the way the virus mutate and kind of people affected, it was targeted to affect selected few and the viral bell was rang close to it’s targets. I also believed there are other targets apart from economic breakdown. Everything will be revealed sooner or later.

World economy has already collapsed. Worthy to note is the suicide note by the German Fiance minister.  All infected countries will surely go into deeper recession except South Korea that miraculously didn’t close her economy and the tremendous manner with which China has resurrected her economy. This is war and nobody can predict the extent of damage on Aviation, Hospitality, Tourism, Crude Oil prices, Education etc only time will tell what will happen after the pandemic. We really need God at these times. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Countries have right to declare war on each other if their sovereignty is threatened, however, they must first weight the consequences on life and on economic indices. One of the nations arrogantly declared trade war on the other with our recourse to economic implications and agnostic of difference in style of government, while one is a free state and the other is not, and government order are obeyed vehemently like the law of Moses, this makes it easy for a seat down at home order to be easy to implement. Several literature has considered democratic governance ineffective and not reliable in managing the human society but let’s leave that for another day.

In warfare every strategy is accepted, you use what you have to fight, Mr. B pulled Mr. A’s prick and Mr. C inevitably together, since he belives Mr. C would run to save Mr. A, so the friend of my enemy is my enemy. Mr. A neglected the basic, she was cutting ties with her poor friends and she even caused some of the reasons his friends were poor in the first place, by not buying oil from them, everybody cant be your stooge forever. Even the continued rise of Mr. B has an expiry date, just like the Roman empires, Ottoman, Greek and Great Chinese dynasties all expired. But Mr. B is doing something right like giving loans to these poor friends, helping with construction and encouraging them to speak her language.

Hmmmmm, might be a Greek gift at the end of the day, but African proverbs says a man dying of hunger is not afraid of eating a poisonous food, when he is well, we would find antidotes, the fist problem to remedy is hunger.

Mr. A has gone to court that Mr. C has blood in his hands, if he can proof it, he gets some financial relief, but it’s almost impossible to calculate the real extend of damage and collect commensurate compensation. Mr. A lost most of her allies due to arrogance and sweating profusely now and wants to open for business, Mr. B has gained more allies over time with its friendly package to weaker nations, and overtaking all.


The real definition of Globalization = Disintermediation of Currency.

  1. If every country is free to trade with the next;
  2. If indeed we live in a global village;
  3. Why does Dollar serve as benchmark for a trade?

This put unnecessary tension on weaker nations to look for Dollar, with proper thinking, Mathematicians can build models to enable each country trade independently and a coefficient of all trades can be used to calculate the countries strength as against singular trade surplus and deficit been adopted at the moment.   

  1. Each country should work on it bilateral trade relationships with important trade partners and deal in their base currencies.
  2. Counties like Nigeria in a bid to salvage her currency will be forced to deal directly with Chinese currency instead of the loop-sided Dollar trade in coming years.

The war has just started let’s wait & see…..

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David olaiya March 30, 2020 - 10:21 am

Let’s wait and see,as things unfolds .

James Oladimeji March 30, 2020 - 10:33 am

Well said. As per my take on this, the eruption of Covid-19 was neither human nor man made…but in the end an object will remain static or continuously in motion unless an external force act on it (Newton first law of motion) . There are flying of external forces everywhere and I believe it will be contained at designated time.

Shola Ogunniyi March 30, 2020 - 10:46 am

Am glad we were both in the class on disaster management.

If it’s not man made and then according to you, it is natural as the forces you refer to are part of the natural forces that keep the earth in it’s place, cause rain, sunshine and even ocean tides.

Vinette March 30, 2020 - 12:44 pm

Shola, you have touched on some good points. Food for thought.

Wole March 30, 2020 - 6:46 pm

Nice write up Shola.

wondering if you are willing to mentions the names of the 2 supposed nations (LOL) causing the fight that over 150 nations are suffering from ?

Shola Ogunniyi April 4, 2020 - 4:53 pm

Am sure you know them already, but since the cause of Covid-19 is a mystery, lets keep the names as mystery also. Thanks

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