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The state of Nigeria at 60 (brief synopsis)

by Shola Ogunniyi
The state of Nigeria at 60 (brief synopsis)

I believe we as a nation we are moving slowly duo slower than our collective exceptions, but nevertheless President Buhari took us out of recession in post 2015 election year, one of the fastest in post (world war 2) in Africa.

That for me is a huge achievement…… Cause in advance country like US it took them 4 years to get out of recession with the best president of D Roosevelt, the only man to spend a third term in office in the history of American. If they can honor him with a third term in office for achieving that feet, then let us appreciate Buhari & Osinbajo for their efforts…..

I mentioned Osinbajo on purpose because he was the head of economic advisory committee, but until recently things have fallen apart, the falcon can not hold the falconer.

Buhari seems to have lost touch with his team and there seems to be incoherent in their policy formulation thus the economy indices are not falling in pleasant places, e.g astronomical hick in dollar exchange rate,(cabals inside CBN) and ultimately failure to change the architectural frame work of all the security agencies, has affected the moral of the entire security personnel which in effect shows in the security situation as it stands today.

The various ministers of Education, Labor and Health say one policy today only for a reversal tomorrow, this does not help in private sector planning and thus it’s affecting the general out look of the economy.

The states have all gone into sleep, while the local government have gone into oblivion. My brother’s/friends let us hope for a better tomorrow, it can still be better with a right leadership, all hope is not lost.

God bless Nigeria, my home, my pride

Published under permission from Mr. Olaiya David, first written in a group we both belong too.

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