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Fertilizing ideas

Fertilizing ideas

by Shola Ogunniyi

Chance favors the connected mind – Steven Johnson

Personally, while going up, I assume you need to be born a genius to able to clear all your exams scores and have great ideas. I didn’t understand the act of study as the only tool to acquiring knowledge, my religious pedagogic mother made me believe you need to pray to God to give you what you do not know or have. Poor me, I enjoyed life and didn’t envy the straight A’s students in my class because my hunch unwittingly tired their ability to heredity or gift from God, when I hear things like gifted children.

In like manner, as I grew up, I also believed that ideas come from sober/quite moments, or ideas are inherent with egg heads staying in ‘nerd havens. However, as I matured further, I realized that Ideas come from hunches that require cross fertilization to see the full picture, this aligns with the thought of Mark Zuckerberg when he said:

‘Ideas don’t come fully formed’

Through contact practice and research, I found something rather intriguing, that my hunch could reveal the legs, while another person’s hunch could reveal the head, with un inhibited romance of hunches, the whole body of the idea might be revealed. New ideas are like network (neurons firing inside the brain) and they need ‘conjugal beds to allow them make love, fertilize each other and reproduce bigger ideas and solutions.

I will close with a quote from Prof. Tim Kastelle:

Innovation is team sport.

Companies should embrace open innovation and stop having isolated R&D departments, this act will make the discoveries open and allow individual hunches to marry. Their position should be connection not protection of idea, as connections leads to fertilization and more research.


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