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Six steps to make money in cryptocurrencies btc eth bnb

by Shola Ogunniyi
steps to invest in crypto bitcoin eth bnb

Cryptocurrencies are here and they are changing the way we pay and store money, but it also have a means of making money for us, even while we sleep. But how can you make money by just buying, keeping and selling cryptos?

Unlike most other businesses where value is created from tangible assets, in the cryptocurrency world value is created from intangible assets, the More Users on a particular blockchain = More Value it would command. As more people are buying, trading and storing a particular crypto (e.g. BTC) the more the price rages north and breaking all time highs (ALT) as evident in BTC, ETH and BNB. They have been breaking their record ATH’s.

If more people are using your blockchain (e.g Binance Chain has seen over 3000% growth in the past one year), and keeps growing in value. More users = more value. But because blockchains have network effects, the value doesn’t grow in a linear fashion (like most things we experience), the value grows geometrically and with compounding effect.

Typically there are 3 simple ways to make money in Crypto (Trading, Yield Farming and Investing) as I have earlier posted here. In this post I will quickly explain how to make money in crypto in 6 Steps simple steps:
1. Discover a new or bullish token that the price is soaring
2. Research conduct you own research, not everything you read on the internet is true, make sure you know why the price is soaring and the people behind the token
3. Take action: decide if it is worth your penny or vault
4. Believe: believe in you action and hope for the best
5. Patience: not all actions or purchases yield result instantly, some require from grit and tenacity to hand on
6. Cashout: have an investment philosophy and don’t be greedy (know when to say I am okay with the proceed that you have earned, a times the prices might go bearish in a tinkle of an eye and all earnings becomes potential profit), convert your earnings into BUSD, USDT or USDC and REPEAT the process again.

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