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Fertilizing ideas

Fertilizing ideas

by Shola Ogunniyi

Chance favors the connected mind – Steven Johnson

Personally, while going up, I assume you need to be born a genius to able to clear all your exams scores and have great ideas. I didn’t understand the act of study as the only tool to acquiring knowledge, my religious pedagogic mother made me believe you need to pray to God to give you what you do not know or have. Poor me, I enjoyed life and didn’t envy the straight A’s students in my class because my hunch unwittingly tired their ability to heredity or gift from God, when I hear things like gifted children.

In like manner, as I grew up, I also believed that ideas come from sober/quite moments, or ideas are inherent with egg heads staying in ‘nerd havens. However, as I matured further, I realized that Ideas come from hunches that require cross fertilization to see the full picture, this aligns with the thought of Mark Zuckerberg when he said:

‘Ideas don’t come fully formed’

Through contact practice and research, I found something rather intriguing, that my hunch could reveal the legs, while another person’s hunch could reveal the head, with un inhibited romance of hunches, the whole body of the idea might be revealed. New ideas are like network (neurons firing inside the brain) and they need ‘conjugal beds to allow them make love, fertilize each other and reproduce bigger ideas and solutions.

I will close with a quote from Prof. Tim Kastelle:

Innovation is team sport.

Companies should embrace open innovation and stop having isolated R&D departments, this act will make the discoveries open and allow individual hunches to marry. Their position should be connection not protection of idea, as connections leads to fertilization and more research.


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crypto war on dollar

Cryptocurrencies are becoming a constant assault on the USD and all other fiat currencies (including my dear Naira). Interestingly, Coinbase, Binance and all are making a case for digital currencies (aka cryptos) and a win for Coinbase as demonstrated in the recent IPO in the USA is a win for bitcoin and all other altcoins.

Previously, Central banks around the globe were banning and prohibiting cryptos, unfortunately, it’s a lost cause. They may seem to be winning the war, but they are losing the battle. A prohibition by the Nigerian CBN did not yield the desired result as p2p trading  jumped up by over 28% since it was prohibited and the directive got a lot of media attention and made more citizens to be aware of crypto, seek to understand and traded in it. (Some sort of negative marketing for the apex house).

The advert of cryptocurrencies and blockchain was received as a joke, but 10 years on, the market capitalization of these digital assets hovers around $1.5B, and it is sending a strong signal that it’s a force to reckon with. Unfortunately, the cost of verifying transactions still pretty high for the premium and trusted tokens, but there is hope on the horizon as several blockchain projects are working on fixing this bug and hopefully, technologies like ADA, MATIC and HOLO would crack the puzzle of scalability and affordability in terms of transaction fees.

Another concern is with carbon footprint. Cryptocurrencies require 0.1% of world energy to power 0.00001% of global finance this huge lacuna is a challenge to climate change and also threatens the mass adoption of digital currencies. It is believed that 1 Bitcoin transaction has a carbon footprint equivalent to watching 88,000 hours of YouTube. Interestingly, Micheal Saylor argues that this isn’t totally trues as the world generates 160,000 TWh of power yearly and 50,000TWh is wasted, bitcoin mining consumes 120TWh and hence reduces the energy waste. Unfortunately, Tesla is not buying this position and it is no longer news that Tesla will not be accepting Bitcoin for it’s car purchase, but it’s CEO, Elon Musk revealed lately that Tesla did not sell any of the Bitcoin it purchased and are considering accepting Bitcoin back once the power used for mining these assets become sustainable. 

At the peak of price rally, the world’s No. 2 cryptocurrency hit a market cap of $321 billion — overtaking PayPal, Toyota, Exxon Mobil and even Comcast. Unfortunately, these feet weren’t sustained for long as the concern of Elon Musk, around decentralization and sustainable mining came to bear when China imposed a law to ban cryptocurrency trading and related activities in China. Many see China’s position as a move to pave the wave for its state-owned digital yuan, while some even opined that China will regret this position in a few years down the line.

It is intriguing, that U.S. customers on Coinbase can now use their PayPal accounts to buy cryptocurrencies. Big tech companies have created enormous value. However, regulatory concerns and decentralization are still show stoppers for crypto to stand tall with the fiat cousins.

In closing, John Connally Jr., Richard Nixon’s treasury secretary, put it in 1971, “the dollar is our currency, but it is your [every other nation’s] problem.” Unfortunately, The US Federal Reserve, is losing ground as the defector trading currency and its being continually challenged structurally. China has announced its own cryptocurrency, Japan is trailing closely behind and interestingly, the Nigerian Apex bank as reclined his previous position and promised to commence test run of e-Naira come October 2021.

The discussions and new debate would be which cryptocurrency either; CBDC, BITCOIN or Altcoins will reign supreme on the global stage against the Dollar is the coming years? Let’s pull a seat, buy some coins and enjoy the movie.


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steps to invest in crypto bitcoin eth bnb

Cryptocurrencies are here and they are changing the way we pay and store money, but it also have a means of making money for us, even while we sleep. But how can you make money by just buying, keeping and selling cryptos?

Unlike most other businesses where value is created from tangible assets, in the cryptocurrency world value is created from intangible assets, the More Users on a particular blockchain = More Value it would command. As more people are buying, trading and storing a particular crypto (e.g. BTC) the more the price rages north and breaking all time highs (ALT) as evident in BTC, ETH and BNB. They have been breaking their record ATH’s.

If more people are using your blockchain (e.g Binance Chain has seen over 3000% growth in the past one year), and keeps growing in value. More users = more value. But because blockchains have network effects, the value doesn’t grow in a linear fashion (like most things we experience), the value grows geometrically and with compounding effect.

Typically there are 3 simple ways to make money in Crypto (Trading, Yield Farming and Investing) as I have earlier posted here. In this post I will quickly explain how to make money in crypto in 6 Steps simple steps:
1. Discover a new or bullish token that the price is soaring
2. Research conduct you own research, not everything you read on the internet is true, make sure you know why the price is soaring and the people behind the token
3. Take action: decide if it is worth your penny or vault
4. Believe: believe in you action and hope for the best
5. Patience: not all actions or purchases yield result instantly, some require from grit and tenacity to hand on
6. Cashout: have an investment philosophy and don’t be greedy (know when to say I am okay with the proceed that you have earned, a times the prices might go bearish in a tinkle of an eye and all earnings becomes potential profit), convert your earnings into BUSD, USDT or USDC and REPEAT the process again.

Image from

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the future of money

Fiat money and our present culture of saving fiat currency in banks is now primitive. Technology and the internet has blessed us with new ways of making and saving money. Cryptocurrencies does not only give us the opportunity of saving financial assets, it also enables settlement of financial transactions while providing disruptive means of getting old things done in new and more interesting ways.

Some business executives argues that blockchain is only useful for trading speculative currency, however, because you do not understand something does not mean it does not exit and because you cannot explain it does not mean it’s not real. From Millennials (Gen-Z) to Baby Boomers, human race has not witnessed an era like this where you can make money, tons of it, while sleeping by just doing some basic research and putting a number of structures in place.

While China and Japan are taking the lead in creating a digital version of their country’s fiat currency, other commercial banks and central banks are prohibiting the use of these inevitable tool, that will disrupt the way we perceive and settle value after we received a service or buy a product.

From my foray into the Cryptocurrencies/programmable-money world powered by blockchain, (immutable and distributed ledger system) it allows us to earn money in 5 ways;

  1. Cryptocurrency trading
  2. Cryptocurrency investing
  3. Cryptocurrency yield farming
  4. Cryptocurrency mining (PoW)
  5. Cryptocurrency Node Validator (POS, DPOS etc)

I recommend the first 3 simple ones for beginners and I also understand that adoption of any of these 5 methods is based on one’s financial philosophy.

Let stop here. In part 2, I will discuss these 3 categories into details.

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collective share prosperity

Why do politicians steal?
Why do we work and work and work and rub ourselves of joy and peace?
How much do we need to have to be happy?
Why do poor people make poor decisions?

One unique theme is common to these 4 sets of questions, poverty (slavery) mentality or lack of economic security.

These 3 buckets of people believe amassing so much money, by all means, will ensure future prosperity for them and their offspring’s. But unfortunately, in the very near future, the concept of inheritance writing in wills will can change from houses and tangible assets to digital assets. These assets such as stock account, bank account, will be inform of credentials.

Software has eaten the world and everything will be possible from a mobile app, who ever has assess to control the mobile app accounts controls the assets. In the future inheritance wont be house but login details, emails, sim cards and password.

Source: TED

Financial educations is the key to these problems.
With a little as 1,000 USD for 20 years, one can have a portfolio of 50,000USD in proper context. 50,000USD is 25Million and in 20years will be about 40 Million based on a simple arima time series forecasting model.

A civil servant worked for 30 years and retired his salary when converted to dollars at the begining of his career and end was the same. He was employed at 30,000 then dollar to naira was 30 so that’s 1,000USD he retired at 360,000 at that point naira was 360 to a dollar.

In 1976 USD1 was about N1, in 2020 USD1 is now NGN470, that 470x in 44 years loosing over a tenth of value yearly on the average. In another 20 years, USD1 would be NGN710 and in 44 years time USD1 would be NGN940 using the same model above.

African economies have a weaker financial system compounded with over importation. When you now live in a country like Nigeria where oil exports account for over 75% of our budgets, obviously the government does not have any other option but to keep devaluing the naira to get more naira in exchange for the few dollars they received because price of crude oil has crashed.

Secondly, inflation the cousin of devaluation renders most investments in Nigetia useless for both local and foreign investors onces it’s a business domiciled on the Nigeria economy. Without exceptions are Tbill, Govt bonds, Fixed deposits etc.

Let me explain with 2 cases.

Because inflation rate is at about 18% per annually all investment into the any of the above actually reduces the value of the investment. If you put 1Million in Tbills at 8% per annum by the time you cash out your investment you have actually lost 18-8=10 due to inflation.

Another double whammy is borrowing money abroad to trade with the likes of Shoprite and even startups funded from overseas. Every devaluation puts more pressure on these businesses to earn more money to cushion the loss as a result of inflation.

On a personal note, I borrowed 20,000USD to buy Thermometers during the COVID-19 pandemic, then dollar was at 360, but the time i started selling the goods, dollar was at 470. I was lucky to have not promised return on USD but a naira commission on every unit sold.

Another typical example is Dangote, he lost his position as the number xyz richest man in the world not because he stopped making money but the currency with which he does business is epileptic and powered by a weak financial system.

What’s the solution.

Earn money in dollars or better still export your products or services and put some portion into foreign stocks. Not only did you buy into peace but also help increases our dollar earnings and means less pressure on our beleaguered economy.

How do I do that?
1. Join Nollywood and start acting films that are export grade. Not easy right?

2. Become a developer and do remote jobs. Ah how?

3. Become a farmer and export your produce oversea, Nigeria came out of recession in 20017 through sesame seed, cocoa and shea-butter. But am not a farmer!

4. Open account on Mywallstreet, Trove and Bamboo, sounds soothing…..

The essence of these exploratory writing is to consider foreign stocks most especially as a tool to collective prosperity and trans generational wealth building, since everyone can invest in stocks, I STONGLY RECOMMEND US Stocks.

Within 20 years, a portfolio can grown 21% on average per year. That may not sound like a lot, but thanks to compounding (which you will learn about shortly), those returns would turn $10,000 into over $450,000. Not everyone can achieve such amazing results.

Little wonder Albert Einstein said compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it.” However, this is what is possible if you commit to long-term buy-and-hold investing and follow some very simple rules.

1. So what’s the heck about Stocks?

Owning stock means owning a piece of a company.
Invested funds are working for you 24/7.
Invested money can grow much faster than cash in a savings account and in a country like Nigeria where inflation rate is higher than interest rates. Capital depreciation happens daily.

Ever wanted to own part of a great business? That’s exactly what happens when you purchase stock. You’re buying a part of that company and no matter how small, you are a co-investor. As a part owner, you’re entitled to a share of the profits and assets of that business.

You can profit in many way, but 2 are popular.
The company can pay money through dividends shareholders and is paid on a regular basis for being a shareholder. Also when the company grows and the price of share increases, as a shareholder you can decide to sell your shares and pocket the returns.

While money kept in a savings account gets eaten away by inflation, invested money is working for you 24/7. Unlike a bank account with fixed interest rates, you investment can multiply many times over if you invest is made in the right companies.

The stock market has the potential to returned above 10% annually (without factoring in inflation) better than keeping money in a savings account.

2. What are your financial objectives ?

Investing: No better time to start like now!
$2,000 can turn into almost $50,000 after 40 years (at 10% return a year).
Investing in stocks can be a form of retirement plan and meet up with other financial goals.
That 10% average increase may not sound like much, but given time, this interest compounds to produce incredible returns. It sounds unbelievable, but it’s completely possible if you understand compound interest, just play with the numbers over a long period of time.

Don’t invest in get rick quick schemes, the keep to profitable investment just like marriage is long term, the longer you have your money invested, the more powerful compounding becomes. Hence, the earlier you start, coupled with lots of patience and less Esau mentality, the greater returns you will reap in the future.

However, you don’t need $2,000 to get started. You can start small and keep adding to your investment over time. You’ll be amazed how quickly your investment can grow. In fact, if you added $50 – $100 a month, a $2,000 investment can be acheived in less than 3 years … for a future of close to $1 million in 40years or less with no effort.

The only effort is some research to identify great comanies and go long with them. They can deliver a magnificent return in shorter period, lets consider Tesla within the last 365 days, it has returned over USD600 in a $125 investment (23rd Jan, 2021).

3. What is the next line of Action?

a. Make up your mind to save for the future and stay committed to it.

b. Saving 10% of your total income is a good goal
c. Make the contributions promptly just as you would do if you belong into a cooperative or signup for up automatic deductions in platforms like piggyvest or Gtbank and the funds can be transfered into to designated investment portal.

You can’t invest without being a disciplined saver, ensure you stick to your plan, save first before you start spending, also loose cash can can also be transferred because we end up buying shoes/phones and ephemeral items with them. So, as a rule of thumb, dont safe what you didn’t spend … save before spending. It’s called pay yourself first.

with a well planned future, the temptation to steal or abuse our respective positons are limited and based on the introduction video, what is/are the answer(s) to all those questions?

A lack of guaranteed income either through our own personal efforts, or through the government cover or from proceeds of our investment causes financial anxiety. An assurance of guaranteed incomes increases peace and evidently paves a way collective prosperity.

Financial intelligence involves a lot of research and it’s pleasing to note that Cryptocurrencies Wallets and Agricultural investment platforms (Agropartnerships and ComX) are here to stay and worthy of exploration. To fully optimize and hedge resource, these two platforms are fairly viable to explore and take advantage off.

On cryptos:
Bitcoin is huge and it’s swings can lead to Blood Pressure, but a patient investor will not be perturbed with the ups and downs and stay focused for the long run. Its a proven strategy to invest in Crypto (personally, I do not encourage Cypto trading, its close to wizardry/witch craft) since it impossible to determine the main cause of price movements.

However, The much awaited Ethereum 2.0 is live and first stage of Eth 2.0 went live in December, attracting validators wanting to participate in staking. Each of these validators needs “to deposit a minimum of 32 ETH to participate,” he explained. “That ETH is then locked until the release of Phase 2,” which will happen in 2022 at the earliest. The lock the tokens in to prevent the price from plunging and et rewarded after the release.

This continued interest from big players have attracted both retail and institutional investors. Square (SQ) bought 4,709 Bitcoins for $50m, while MicroStrategy purchased $1.13bn worth of BTC. In the meantime, the world-renowned digital payment service PayPal (PYPL) launched a new service that allowed users to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies within its digital wallet

Currency speculators are predicting the price of Ethereum could be more stable over the next several years. It is predicted that he value of ETH will over above $100,000 in the next 10year and this year prediction of 1,000 have been surpassed.

IF all these happens then investing in crypto wont be a bad idea after all.

On Agricultural Investment Platform:

The mass adoption of internet and smart phones has greatly improved the supply of funds to farmers main through crowdfunding principles. A farmers is funded with a promise to return 30 – 40% in as little as 6 – 9months, it’s being working and most recently, I discovered AFEXNIGERIA and Agropartnerships from Farm Forte. They have warehouse to help farmers store and sell their farm produce, someone like me can buy Maize at harvest time when there is a surplus and prices are down, store in their warehouse for a small fee and sell in the dry season when prices are high, they take a small fees, i collect my money and profit. Win-Win, collective prosperity!!!

Ordinarily, this wont have been possible at scale without internet. On this agtech platforms the economics of scales favors both the farmer/afex/investor. We now live in a sharing economy and aggregation or resources is faster and easier.

In all, I like this idea because from the comfort of my room, I can buy bags of maize in a warehouse in Zaria and sell them 6 months after without having to transfer the maize or even see the color of the sack of the maize.

This is another form of trade wizardry.

Inconclusion here are my investment roadmap.

My investment advice
1. Stocks (US/China)
a. Bamboo app
b. Mywallst app

2. Agro Commondities
a. Agropartnership in raining season
b. ComX in dry season

3. Cryptocurrencies
a. ETH
b. BNB
c. XLM
d. XRP
e. Lite

The possible ROI
1. Cryptocurrencies 1000%/year HYIP (concentrate on first 10 on coin cap)
2. Agro commodities 30%/year (concentrate on Afex)
3. US Stocks 15-25%/year (concentrating on recommendations)

The crypto is a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) which can go either ways but the volatility means a large amount of money can be made in a short period of time, when this happens, the proceeds are divested into less risky ventures like Agro commondities and US stocks.

I invest in Agropaerrnership sweet potatoes in the raining seaon and move my money to Comx in the dry season

Shoot the proceeds to US stocks like Tesla, Apple and NOI as the final resting place of my cash for my retirement plan. My retirement plan is my main investment objective.

My investment philosophy will be excuted thus:
-50% into US Stocks
-30% into Agro
-20% into Crypto.

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MyAgro Center Road Map

The cornerstone for every agricultural investment and food security is reliable historical food pricing record, unfortunately, Africa is not good at keep record. Policy formulators, investment organizations and farmers need reliable and affordable dataset to make informed decisions.

Governments need reliable price data to make policies, Agric finance houses also need reliable data to invest and derisk lending. Similarly, farmers/marketers of agricultural commodities need reliable market information to know when and where to sell for best value.

A typical scenario:

Loans are processed during the dry season (when farmers are not on the field), typically around January to March, food prices are usually at the highest (majorly because 95% of smallholder farmers in Africa practice rain feed agriculture). This means everyone plants and harvest at the same time and often times resulting into a glut and ultimately post harvest losses (evident in cassava and other perishable foods items).

Lenders make investment decisions based on the market price at this time of the year. Unfortunately, this period with surge in price are not the reality at harvest, often times there is glut in the market leading to faulty projections and in ability of the farmers to pay. Primarily, because the selling price at harvest is not he same with the project price when loans were issued.

Assume there was a reliable historical data, ag-financing would have been less risky. The data could be used to predict the price based on a 5 year price movement chart.

What if there is a decision support system for all stake holders in the value chain. A market information solution that will serve as a decision support system for farmers, government agencies, NGOs and finance houses.

Reliable and historic data across various food markets is the first step to reducing post harvest loss and enhancing food security. We are delighted to have this data across 12 countries and 160 markets across Africa (https://price.myagrocenter.com).

We started out as probityfarms, an advisory and farm management platform and soon realized that principal challenges of the smallholder farmer are access to credit and market. So we introduced Market metrics from the data we got from FEWS Network (a USAID initiative that has been collecting market information for the past 20 years)

We turned this into insights via a robust and easy to use data analytic platform to check food prices. Its work in progress and we are refining our machine learning algorithm to predict the future market price of food items for the next for 10 years.

Consequently, we have consolidated our solutions into myagrocenter.com as an agricultural intelligence platform. Our solutions are free to use at the moment as this will help to reduce the adoption barrier/ cost friction. Our business model is to gain traction as quickly and become a nexus for farmers across these countries we operate in.

Going forward we will find ways to monetize our platform, consequently, we need partnership opportunities to push our product across Africa. Also, we need capital to enable us collect more granular daily market information starting at the key markets in Nigeria and beyond.

To achieve our dream, we will use the raised capital to setup solar powered cold chain hubs in major markets, these will be the cash cow of the business. The power form the sun will be used to power the cold rooms, furthermore, the excess power will be used to build a community around the container/hubs. So there will be a cold room, a bank, a power and entertainment station.

Cold room: Market men/women can store produce for a small fee daily in crates
Bank: A POS Agent to render financial services for a fee as most rural communities or markets do not have a function bank nearby
Power Station: Phones and small gadgets can be charged for a fee
Entertainment Station: TV and football viewing center can also be embeded for markets with night life activities.

1. we will start making money more day one
2. Since we are in these markets we will easily collect prices of food items at a fraction of the cost of having to delegate a personnel to market daily.
3. There will be opportunities to franchise these cold chains for rapid adoption and market penetration.
4. strong vertical integration with other stakeholders in the agribusiness value chain

1. It’s a novel business idea, we expect challenges we can’t capture but we are determine to weather the storm and help Africa feed herself.
2. Market adoption time frame

The future it bright and It’s very exiting!!!

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hope for Africa

The present lock down has got me thinking, how can my dear country rise up from the ashes of Covid-19, a lot of problems are looming, from increased cases of robbery to domestic violence at home among couples to civil disobedience. Some citizens in some states refused to stay at home and even the places where lock down is enforced by the military the citizens are doing selective rampage in areas where the security personnel can’t protect. The citizens are security operatives cannot be on every street or patrol every street hence they are implementing selective demilitarized zones of mounting road blocks at strategic locations.

Two questions burn my mind. First, when and how do we return life back to normal post corona virus. Secondly, why are all the models our leaders are borrowing from the west not working? Then I remembered a passage in the ancient book of wisdom, Isaiah 31:1-3 where it asked why does the world (Israel) run to Egypt? Then Egypt was the west, the cradle of civilization.

‘31 Woe to those who run to Egypt for help, trusting their mighty cavalry and chariots instead of looking to the Holy One of Israel and consulting him. In his wisdom, he will send great evil on his people and will not change his mind. He will rise against them for the evil they have done and crush their allies too. For these Egyptians are mere men, not God! Their horses are puny flesh, not mighty spirits! When the Lord clenches his fist against them, they will stumble and fall among those they are trying to help. All will fail together.’

There are so many things that make the western solution work for them, Chief among them is DATA. They know the number of citizen, location and characteristics of every individual in every region, thus planning for their need and reaching them is simple.

They also have constant power, buying and storing things for long is affordable. Most importantly, most of the citizens have solve their greed level, only the poor will queue up for financial aim designed for the poor.

I honestly don’t know why African countries western models recklessly without thought. Social distancing also means you don’t live in a slum, get to work in congested public transport, have disorganized markets. Lock down means you aren’t homeless, don’t earn per day, have electricity etc.

Malawian high court just ruled against the president lock down order, saying, “Social distancing means you must have three weeks food in the fridge. Clean your hands means you must have water and soap.” You can lock people at home without making provisions for them

I laughed hard, when I read that states demand their workers to stay and work from home in Nigeria. The modules operandi in the government circles are still file and pen, so how do they work from home?

Secondly, even if the ministries are so tech enabled that they have their data stored in the cloud, where is the internet and power for the staff that earn less than USD200 a month to work, considering all other things are constant.

Data is very expensive and working from home is typically unrealistic for civil servants across Africa. Interestingly, children in US public school all have laptops they use in school, do we have such in Nigeria?

I was discussing with my cousin in the US and he confirmed that the schools sent the laptops to each student to them at home, loaded with learning materials and assignment for the term. They were also requested to quarantine the devices for some days and disinfect the devices before us.

So as the Corona is forcing our kids to stay at home and watch cartoon from dusk to dawn here in Nigeria, their counterparts in US are still in school and not loosing study time.

Anyways, how do we build a functional model that can work and help up?

First we need to build our own solution starting from affordable power, this will in no small easure increase the GDP of the nation across all verticals of the economy. While bringing down the power monster; we need DATA, DATA, DATA!!!

We must declare a state of Emergency on data acquisition and record keeping in all human endeavoir, from agriculture to rainfall, to number of childrend in secondary school to number of boys in kindergatern.

Then we must end hunger by making food available with affordable healthcare cover for all.

All policies rely on data, food and health to work.

We need to have our own

  1. Robust search engine;
  2. Robust science and tech programs to encourage research and development;
  3. Functional Satellite in orbit to provide cheaper internet

I am working on a application to can automate the dispensing of disinfectant on people at public places, imagine if thousands of link minds across the country are also building solutions during this lockdown, can you quantify the ripple effect, but unfortunately, only a few are working, while most are locked into the fantasy of getting the next meal.

Government cannot provide all our needs, but they can make policies that prohibit the importation items that strain the demand for dollars. When we reduce the demand for forex we will have a more sustainable economy.

We need to wake up and end self inflected neo-colonization. We are deliberately inviting neo-colonial imperialism, foreign company exploitation, and ultimately subjugating our sovereignty and wealth to the West.

Image Source

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Just as it’s commonly practiced in our villages and some cities with water supply problems, people still trek miles to fetch water for cooking and washing from rivers, streams and neighbors with borehole in their premises.

A similar scenario played out in London and many other developed cities we now call saner climes, until the cholera outbreak in 1854. In the middle of a cholera epidemic in London, Dr John Snow an epidemiologists found out more death were recorded with people living around water well hand pump with No. 37 Broad street as a first case study. He made a map of the geo-spatial distribution of cases, and found out that more deaths were concentrated around house closer to source of water . When the pump handles were removed, the cholera epidemic stopped immediately. Dr. Snow was the first to make a verifiable positive correlation between human waste and spread of disease.

Consequently, The parliament passed the Metropolitan Water Act to “make provision for securing the supply to the metropolis of pure and wholesome water”. This means every house must have water in the building and the public pumps were replaced with pipes to every house and this single act changed the face of toilets all over the world starting from London. It’s assumed as the greatest undervalued gift of a lifetime to the human race.

However, every blessing a times comes with a dose of curse, water consumption sky rocketed and people who were previously consumption confined to the amount of water they can fetch now have the luxury of consuming more by just opening a tap. From about 30 gallons per day per person to 100 gallons per day per person. Also rich people previously made more money from sewage as they usually have bigger household and more sewage been generated and evacuated by night soil men for onward sales to fertilizer companies. More water in sewage meant more work too, resulting into more overhead cost and less profit for fertlizer company and less money for the rich then.

Some countries like Japan argued that the toilet and bathroom/washroom were not supposed to be in the same room and we can still see the trends in some old buildings here in Nigeria. Builders, Engineers and Landlords of the late 19th century were as confused about what to do as the GERM THEORY was gaining popularity and acceptance, and some installed wash-hand basins in their rooms just as COVID-19 has forced most of us to wash our hands frequently. But the pain of having to travel some distance out of the rooms to access the toilets made plumbers/engineers to develop the concept of ”WATER CLOSET”.

Another interesting epidemic was the SPANISH FLU in 1918 between January 1918 to December, 1920. Confirmed cases were at about 500 Million and deaths well over 17 million more than the population of present day Netherlands; the second largest food exporter in the world. Just like Covid-19, The Spanish Flu had huge impact on business and many lives were lost. The picture below shows police men on the right using face mask and a bus car, equivalent of present day commuter buses denying entry cause the passengers did not have their mask on.

Although it heralded the usage of nose mask by citizens, it didn’t have much impact on business like the Cholera outbreak the previous century.

We can argue that for every global epidemic (pandemic) the world always come out with better ways of managing what caused the epidemic and greater heath care practice. The 1854 Cholera outbreak resulted into having water run into homes and water closets installed in toilets. However, one thing is certain new types of business will emerge that were not in existent before, many will commence to ensure business continuity plan and better hygiene.

I see disinfectant chambers as important as toilets going forward. Every building most especially commercial ones will have one.

Offices will also have in situ and everyone would be subjected to being sanitized before commencing the days works.

Banks will require their customers to be disinfected before offering them service. Churches and Mosque will spray antiseptics on theirs worshipers before congregating. Schools would go online and lectures would be delivered online in quantum manner, online shopping would increase etc…

On a light note, the population of the world will skyrocket. There were 1.3 Billion in the world in 1960, by 2018 it was over 7 Billion, in the next 2 years, the continued lock down is increasing the sexual activities of humans and even animals during lock down, so expect a geometric increase in world population in the next 3 years as a result of continued copulation.

The list is endless, teacher-student, husband-wife, dating and all other types relationship will also be affected. No business is immune, as this will impact all verticals of our lives.

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Knowing what to do In life and where we fit in, is an age long journey. For some, they have someone to figure it out for them or they had it figured out as early as after puberty stage while some still struggles even after adolescence. World Health Organization says adolescence ends at 24.

In more matured climes, folks at this age are already buying homes, cars, getting married and with kids and with some level of financial stability. However, must folks in Africa are still begging their parents for loose change to cut hair, mummy’s phone to flash girl friend or daddy’s car to drop of a friend.

Why this discrepancy?

Systems? we do not have a functional system to support SMEs or one that student can borrow from to ensure they have quality education to university level or adequate training that will put food on their tables and provide for a family, these has greatly increased crimes rates and delayed marriage or resulted in non catered for children in most part of Africa.

So how can the younger folks make it in Africa ?

  1. Rich /Institutional parents
  2. Strong business connections

A rich parent is like an institution, cause your last name opens doors for you and if you do not have access to the venue for the door to be opened, a phone call can open a doors to opportunities on arrival.

If you do not have or inherit these 2 then you need to accumulate capabilities, deep domain and cross industry knowledge. Sister, read, read and read. You need plenty of intelligence with emotional intelligence also. Intelligence is the ability to learn, understand and apply the knowledge. Some are born smart, but keep learning everyone learns and assimilate at various degrees.

When you have strong cross sectional overview of life, technology and business doors will be opened for you. First degree is now pure water in Nigeria, get a second and possibly another in different fields, these guaranties you get business(es) and teaches you how hedges your risk on the ones you have.

Have seen many village boys and girls manage multinational companies with no business contacts, except through the accumulation of capabilities.

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Who won the Covid-19 war?

Who won the Covid-19 war?

by Shola Ogunniyi

The Covid-19 Epidemic is novel and catastrophic in nature. I remember my professor in one of my disaster management class, He defined ‘’ A disaster as an occurrence causing widespread destruction and distress; a catastrophe.’’ He also struggled to make us understand the difference and relationships in concepts like emergency, susceptible and vulnerable.  But we all understood that and agreed that an EPIDEMIC is an outbreak of a contractible disease that spreads through a human population. A pandemic is an epidemic whose spread is global.

What might cause this global disaster? was it human/man made or natural?

Whichever it was, several conspiracy theories are beginning to emerge, most believing it’s foundations are rooted in the battle of economic supremacy between two nations. But am very certain, with the way the virus mutate and kind of people affected, it was targeted to affect selected few and the viral bell was rang close to it’s targets. I also believed there are other targets apart from economic breakdown. Everything will be revealed sooner or later.

World economy has already collapsed. Worthy to note is the suicide note by the German Fiance minister.  All infected countries will surely go into deeper recession except South Korea that miraculously didn’t close her economy and the tremendous manner with which China has resurrected her economy. This is war and nobody can predict the extent of damage on Aviation, Hospitality, Tourism, Crude Oil prices, Education etc only time will tell what will happen after the pandemic. We really need God at these times. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Countries have right to declare war on each other if their sovereignty is threatened, however, they must first weight the consequences on life and on economic indices. One of the nations arrogantly declared trade war on the other with our recourse to economic implications and agnostic of difference in style of government, while one is a free state and the other is not, and government order are obeyed vehemently like the law of Moses, this makes it easy for a seat down at home order to be easy to implement. Several literature has considered democratic governance ineffective and not reliable in managing the human society but let’s leave that for another day.

In warfare every strategy is accepted, you use what you have to fight, Mr. B pulled Mr. A’s prick and Mr. C inevitably together, since he belives Mr. C would run to save Mr. A, so the friend of my enemy is my enemy. Mr. A neglected the basic, she was cutting ties with her poor friends and she even caused some of the reasons his friends were poor in the first place, by not buying oil from them, everybody cant be your stooge forever. Even the continued rise of Mr. B has an expiry date, just like the Roman empires, Ottoman, Greek and Great Chinese dynasties all expired. But Mr. B is doing something right like giving loans to these poor friends, helping with construction and encouraging them to speak her language.

Hmmmmm, might be a Greek gift at the end of the day, but African proverbs says a man dying of hunger is not afraid of eating a poisonous food, when he is well, we would find antidotes, the fist problem to remedy is hunger.

Mr. A has gone to court that Mr. C has blood in his hands, if he can proof it, he gets some financial relief, but it’s almost impossible to calculate the real extend of damage and collect commensurate compensation. Mr. A lost most of her allies due to arrogance and sweating profusely now and wants to open for business, Mr. B has gained more allies over time with its friendly package to weaker nations, and overtaking all.


The real definition of Globalization = Disintermediation of Currency.

  1. If every country is free to trade with the next;
  2. If indeed we live in a global village;
  3. Why does Dollar serve as benchmark for a trade?

This put unnecessary tension on weaker nations to look for Dollar, with proper thinking, Mathematicians can build models to enable each country trade independently and a coefficient of all trades can be used to calculate the countries strength as against singular trade surplus and deficit been adopted at the moment.   

  1. Each country should work on it bilateral trade relationships with important trade partners and deal in their base currencies.
  2. Counties like Nigeria in a bid to salvage her currency will be forced to deal directly with Chinese currency instead of the loop-sided Dollar trade in coming years.

The war has just started let’s wait & see…..

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